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Become fluent WITHOUT studying grammar.

Learn how you can speak with full confidence, certainty, and control WITHOUT studying grammar or memorizing boring vocabulary.

Perfect for English Teachers AND Serious Learners
who want to finally take control of their fluency.

New English Mastery Mastermind Meetings EACH MONTH.

These in-depth lessons will show you how to say EXACTLY what you want to say in English by hunting for language using The EAGLE Method. Learn to speak English more fluently up to 10x faster than just 'practicing  speaking' or 'listening to English'.

Already have a teacher? Awesome!
We'll even show you how to make your current English classes up to 5x more effective.

The first English learning platform where non-native English teachers go to grow.

FINALLY Speak English The Way You Want
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1. Make a DECISION to finally conquer English.

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Activity: Answer the following two questions 
(write down your answer if you can):

1. How long have you been studying English?

2. Does your ability reflect that time spent?

If your answer is no,

You've been studying English in a traditional way that is focused on the wrong things.

Studying for exam scores and grammar rules isn't language-learning.
It's memorization.

We learn language BEST for

This is why
The English Mastery Lab is different.

Our goal is your English communication.

Here's a FREE gift just for visiting
Just for checking out the membership, we'd like to give you this high-level lesson called 3 Laws For Fast Fluency that will show you how to become fluent in English WITHOUT studying grammar.
We want to give it to you absolutely FREE.
The only requirement is that you use the WORKBOOK and watch the video tutorials. 

The four pillars of fluency

The foundation of The English Mastery Lab is to control the four pillars of fluency. The EAGLE Method™ (mentioned below) takes you through a process to develop the pillar you choose so you will master your English communication.
Finally break free from the fear and hesitation when you speak English. Take control of your communication. 

confidence and

Feeling completely at ease as you're in an English speaking situation. Confidence is knowing that the language will not be the issue that holds you back.

pronunciation and intonation

Most people focus on the wrong thing when they want better pronunciation. Find out what the right thing is and practice it with intention.

vocabulary and expressions

Most intermediate and advanced learners don't need to learn more vocabulary. They need to use what they have better.


Grammar shouldn't be taught as the central focus of a language lesson, simply because we don't usually learn a foreign language to know it, but to use it.

What is The EAGLE Method™?

Click here to see a FREE overview showing you exactly what The EAGLE Method™ is and how you can use it to become fluent in English.

Lab Membership is perfect for you if you need English for:

Public speaking

Teaching English (ESL)

Leading a business meeting

Talking with clients

Participating in a group  

Watching English shows

Preparing for a job interview

Expected results for a member

  • To feel confident and comfortable with your English 
  • To have a deeper understanding of what fluency means 
  • To feel in control with a structured plan for you to follow each week 
  • To have guided practice with customized material for your goals 
  • To be an EAGLE to feel like a complete PRO when it comes to speaking English

Membership is for YOU...

  • If you're tired of feeling frustrated with your English level. 
  •  If you think it's just impossible for you to become fluent.  
  • If you've tried everything (traditional classes,1-on-1 tutors, online courses, etc.)  
  • If you have studied English your whole life, and you still feel out of control.  
  • If you finally want to be able to say what you want to say, how you want to say it.

*In the English Mastery Membership, you will get mentorship, training, and guides to improve your English fluency automatically.

Qualities we're looking for:

Believe it or not, The English Mastery Lab ISN'T for everybody.

If you're a high performing adult who just needs to be pointed in the right direction of HOW TO improve your fluency, you're our kind of people.

Lab Membership is perfect for those people who are or have:


Driven personalities  

Creative thinkers  

Goal-minded winners  



Live English Fluency Training Every Month
 (Spain Time)

Each Monday, join our ENGLISH FLUENCY WORKSHOPS to learn the real secrets to become truly fluent and reach your goals.

Each lesson is based on one of THE FOUR PILLARS OF FLUENCY, and you are given specific homework assignments to take you step-by-step to reaching your English goals. 

I.  Pronunciation Training
II. Confidence Workshop
III.Vocabulary and Expressions Hunt
IV. Grammar Observation
V. Q&A and Fluency Training

  "The information you are giving away is priceless both for students and teachers and other aspects of our lives." 

Alejandro (Spain) English Teacher

"Jesse is the best teacher! He really knows how to motivate and guide you to learn English, and even to learn how to keep improving by yourself."

Maru (Spain)
Yoga Instructor

"Learn to speak fluently and confidently like a native speaker, without a boring teacher or grammar lessons."

Andrew (Hungary)
Digital Marketer

"No more studying for hours and hours, it is a matter of setting specific goals and being consistent in order to achieve them."

Eva (Spain)
Small Business Owner

"Jesse is the best teacher ever! I like him and benefitted a lot from his course. He taught me about self-confidence and how to be good at English."

Samira (Egypt) Science Teacher

"Jesse is an awesome teacher. Especially his explanation about grammar and vocabulary are particularly comprehensible and memorable. He is a born teacher!!!"

Yubin (South Korea)

"I would like to express my deep respect for all the efforts that you have exerted in preparing and presenting this program. I was strongly impressed by your innovative methods of teaching (the way you used video + audio connection)"

Taniel (Hungary)
Digital Marketer

"Jesse is focused to teach us how to improve and develop our different English Skills, he hasn't a conventional system, this is more personal, deeper and funnier than any other coach."

Daniel (Venezuela)
Electronics Specialist

Choose the price that will MOTIVATE you

We understand that money means different things to different people depending on where you live in the world, your individual situation, and where you value your English fluency.

This is why we've introduced the idea of choosing your price model. You decide how much to pay based on your individual situation and necessity.

Many people have said that, "People will just pay the minimum."

We disagree with that, and the numbers disagree with that. Pay too little, and you won't do the work. You know this.

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  • English Mastery Lab Core Content
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  • English Mastery Lab Core Content
  • Monthly EAGLE Method and Mindset Workshops
  • Join A Powerful Community for Accountability and Guidance
  • Select EAGLE Method Courses and Workshops
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  • English Mastery Lab Core Content
  • Select EAGLE Method Courses and Workshops
  • Monthly EAGLE Method and Mindset Workshops
  • Join A Powerful Community for Accountability and Guidance
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  • Goal-Setting and Guidance
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Jesse Sweed

Jesse Sweed is the CEO and Founder of The EAGLE Method, an online language-learning simplifies English learning and shows non-native English speakers how to speak English with certainty on camera, with clients, and in real life.