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We've helped some of the biggest firms and companies build their English communication skills with our method.

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"I didn't believe, honestly, that I could improve so much so fast."

- Petru (CEO Wellcode)

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"The deepest learning happens through self-discovery. The EAGLE Method is the best system to do that." - Jesse Sweed

"I'm so glad you're doing this. I love your style of teaching."
- Raquel

Welcome to the first online English school dedicated toward specifically helping the INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED English speaker get rid of your doubts when speaking and have complete control of your message.

Studies show that the deepest learning happens through self-discovery. This self-discovery process is the foundation of The EAGLE Method. It is the best system to work through that process.

How Do you feel about your English speaking?

    • Scared or nervous to talk in front of a group?
    • Unsure if you're using the right words or expressions?
    • Unclear if your message is coming across the way you want it to?
    • Experience self-doubt, especially in front of a camera or other people?
    • Afraid that you're being repetitive and boring?
    • Frustrated that you constantly have to translate in your head?

What do you want?

To have confidence and to not doubt yourself when speaking English.
Clarity to know you're saying what you want.
Power and conviction in delivering your message.
To have complete control over what you say and how you say it.
To think in English like your native language.
To create your English persona.

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