Roadmap To English Speaking Mastery

How To Make Your English Not Be A Problem While You're Talking On Camera, With Clients, Or In Real Life

Course Summary

 "Does anybody have any tips on how I can go from good to great with my English speaking?"

Have you ever thought about that question? Many non-native English speakers can speak very well, but they often get stuck at a certain level in their speaking and can't seem to make the jump to fluency.

The good news is I have something far better than just some tips. I have a specific step-by-step METHOD that will take you to the kind of control and mastery over English that you enjoy in other areas of your life.

I met with him for under an hour and gave this training in which I shared the EXACT roadmap how he can take complete control of his English speaking to be more confident on camera, talking to clients, and giving public speeches.

If you are a high-performing individual who only needs to know what to do in order to achieve success, and then you can follow through with your commitment, this lesson is for you. You will get:
  • A step-by-step blueprint with secrets your English teachers have never told you (because they didn't know).
  • An outline to follow the exact methods and philosophy of The EAGLE Methodâ„¢.
  • MASSIVE clarity on what you have to do to finally master your English.

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Knowing and understanding these four pillars will give you MASSIVE CLARITY and confidence that you are doing the right things to become fluent in English. 

  • CONFIDENCE and CLARITY - Knowing your EXACT STEPS to get where you want English to take you. 
  • PRONUNCIATION and INTONATION - Pronunciation is how you say a word, intonation is how you deliver your message. Learn how to get both on point.
  • VOCABULARY and EXPRESSIONS - Learn words in two conditions 1) in groups 2) in context.
  • GRAMMAR and STYLE - This is how you form your voice to say EXACTLY what you want to say.

Learn how to identify what you need to improve and how you can start looking for the exact language you need to improve. 

Course Curriculum

Jesse Sweed

Jesse Sweed is the CEO and Founder of The EAGLE Method, an online language-learning simplifies English learning and shows non-native English speakers how to speak English with certainty on camera, with clients, and in real life.


Productivity Coach

"It blew my mind actually. It was exactly what I was looking for. I feel like a gap has been filled"

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  • From Good To Great In Speaking
  • €197

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  • Massive clarity on how to go from good to great in your English speaking
  • A step-by-step roadmap taking you from A to B
  • Google Docs with an outline and action steps