BONUS 2 | How To Speak English With Confidence

Have SELF-BELIEF and POWER When Speaking

Course Summary

The most COMMON thing that people need to improve their English is not grammar, vocabulary, or more practice. CONFIDENCE is one area that will cover all of those areas.
In this lesson, you will learn POWERFUL ways to:

  • Improve your self belief
  • Speak with more authority and power
  • Become more confident BEFORE you feel it
  • Have more control of yourself
  • Much more.
NOTE: You will not absorb everything you need to learn by just passively watching this training one time. It will take MULTIPLE times and it is highly recommended that you take notes during the lesson.
If you need a guide, there are notes you can look at and copy in the description of the video.

Course Curriculum

Jesse Sweed

Jesse Sweed is the creator of The EAGLE Method. He is on a mission to raise conscious awareness in parenting to change the world wit future generations. He has developed a process using story to take the pressure off of parenting and equip parents with the tools to raise heroes.



"Jesse is a great teacher! He is very accommodating and will tailor the program according to your needs. He teaches English as a lifestyle rather than a subject to be studied. He also uses interesting ways to achieve fluency and confidence."

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