A Parent Leadership

Learn to release parenting guilt or it will consume you

In this 20-minute parenting lesson, you'll learn the THREE STEP strategy to take control and transform your triggers and guilt into creativity and connection with your kids. You can use these the very next time you feel triggered.

Be the parent leader that your family deserves.

Do you know those thoughts that come in your mind that tell you about all of the mistakes you've done and how awful you are?

I call these thoughts Raccoons... and if we aren't conscious of them, they can harm us and our future generations.

Raccoons are vermin that come in when it's dark and quiet, and they scrounge around in your garbage and make a mess.

In our minds,

these raccoons are those harmful, guilty, self-conscious thoughts that come in, and then the guilt that we feel leads us to act in more ways to feel guilty.

These thoughts come from culture, parents, teachers, friends, media, entertainment, and everywhere else.

Once we get out of our comfort zone and shine a light on the raccoons, they go away. The same thing with the thought raccoons

... but building awareness is hard and scary.

Conscious Parenting is making a decision to look at your thoughts, behaviors, and actions to see if you are in control or your cultural cycles are in control....

After becoming conscious of those, become a leader and decide how you really want to parent.

The goal of Conscious Parenting is to take control of how we raise our kids so that our cultural patterns and cycles don't raise them for you.

Cultural patterns come from all sorts of places: 

  • Your country 
  • Your state or region 
  • Your language 
  • Your relatives 
  • Your teachers and neighbors 
  • Your friends and enemies Your self-perception 
  • The media 
  • The products you buy 
  • Society 
  • Everywhere 

If we don't consciously become aware of these influences on our behavior, we give up a little bit of control in how our kids are raised.

Conscious Parenting is about growing awareness brick-by-brick as we build a path to create a real family legacy.

A group of empty nest parents were asked what they have to say about parenting. Some of the most recurring things were:

"Enjoy this time while it's here."
"They'll be grown before you know it."

"You'll be looking back on this time and wishing you had it back. Appreciate it while it's here."

Most parents will say they want their kids to be better off than they were... but they end up falling into the same cycles that they learned as children.

I've learned that if I want my children to have what I didn't have, I have to help them BE who I wasn't.

The most impressionable ages of children are:

0-7 years old we are open books and downloading everything around us

7-14 years old we are forming our reasoning minds and understanding our surroundings

14-21 years old we are learning where we fit in our surroundings

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True leaders all have one thing in common... respect.

  • Respect doesn't come underserved.
  • Respect doesn't come from force or manipulation.
  • Respect doesn't come from punishment.
  • Respect happens when it is given and earned.
  • Respect happens when we have respect for ourselves first.
  • Respect happens when it is given from the top down.

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