21 Days to Fluency Challenge

Think And Speak Directly In English Without Studying Grammar

Course Summary

 Welcome advanced English speakers! Get ready to learn powerful secrets that will show you the exact things that you need to do in order to become fluent in English.

There are a lot of English teachers doing the same things...  
1. Teach a part of English grammar.  
2. Create an activity to illustrate the grammar.  
3. Use the grammar in a closed activity.  

This method is fine... if it were still 1988.  

But now, in the 21st century, we have access to TONS of resources, content, materials, and most of all... people at our finger tips.  World-renowned English fluency instructor, Jesse Sweed, has created a program called 21 Days to Fluency where he taught secrets he has observed in nearly 2 decades of English teaching experience.  

He boiled this training down to a 21 day program that will show the intermediate or advanced English speakers how you can take control of the English weight that you've had your entire life and throw it away forever.  

This is a program that was originally presented as 21 Days, but it will take much longer than that to truly absorb these powerful principles.

  • In Module 1, you'll learn the secrets about your mindset that no other English teacher has taken the time to study and teach. 
  • In Module 2, you'll learn specific techniques to train and perfect different aspects of English including: fluency, general understanding, listening for detail, advanced conversation, pronunciation, and more.    
  • In Module 3, it's all about continuing your learning, keeping your momentum, and growing deeper. You'll learn how to make your language yours and continue growing and learning long after this course is over.

Maru (Spain)

Yoga Instructor

"Jesse is the best teacher! He really knows how to motivate and guide you to learn English, and even to learn how to keep improving by yourself."

Course Curriculum

Jesse Sweed

Jesse Sweed is the CEO and Founder of The EAGLE Method, an online language-learning simplifies English learning and shows non-native English speakers how to speak English with certainty on camera, with clients, and in real life.

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