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Is English costing You opportunities?

Let's fix that.

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Do you ever think things like this about English?

  • "I feel stuck with my English, and I don't know why."
  • "My English level is costing me opportunities."
  • "I will improve when I have more time." (I've been saying that for a while)
  • "I just need more practice."
  • "I feel shy to speak up during meetings."
  • "I want to start giving presentations, but I'm not sure about my English."

"English is like that little stone in your shoe that you've gotten used to, and you don't realize how much it's affecting you.

 You removed that stone."  

- Amelia (Client)

12 Months of English success coaching that fits your schedule.

Let's look at the numbers for traditional private English lessons.

Here in Europe, private English tutors charge between €20-25/ hour.
Serious learners usually want 2 lessons/ week.
Thinking conservatively, €20 for 8 lessons a month = €160/month

The English Success Coaching investment averages out to be nearly half of that.

What you get with English Success Coaching:

  • Unlimited 1:1 laser-focused English Coaching for 12 MONTHS 
  • A customized plan to overcome your weaknesses with English and reach your goals
  • Private recordings of your calls for you to review anytime you want
  • Mindset training to decrease fear and uncertainty and elevate your English self-image
  • Personal accountability to make sure you stay committed throughout the year
  • A plan to find quality speaking partners to practice anytime you want for FREE
  • A strategy to leverage your English to grow your business through sales and marketing
  • A community to learn, share, and grow together.

(All of this has a value of over €5.000)

Here's what to expect:

Tangible Results:

Feel results in as little as TWO WEEKS

  • Higher volume and quality in your COPYWRITING
  • Close MORE SALES calls in English
  • Create a POWERFUL PRESENCE in English video, audio, or live presentations 

Intangible Results:

  • Increased confidence when speaking which means MORE OPPORTUNITIES 
  • Stronger LEADERSHIP with your international teams
  • ELIMINATE PROCRASTINATION on English and other tasks 
  • Feel IN CONTROL of English when you're speaking and presenting 

Included BONUSES for Enrolling NOW:

  • INSTANT ACCESS to the powerful English Mastery Playbook.
    The exercises in this workbook have helped dozens of people break free from their shyness and insecurity in English and take command of their speaking.

    (Value: €27)
  • A library of The EAGLE Method courses.
    These classes are specifically designed to help guide you through all areas of English from the technical aspects of learning grammar and vocabulary to how to improve your pronunciation.

    (Value: €2.500)
  • Unlock English Through Your Subconscious Mind Workshop
    This workshop has helped people immediately break free from their English insecurity and uncertainty, which means they passed job interviews, created new offers, and made more sales.

    (Value €149)
  • Access to a private Telegram Group
    In this group, you will become a part of a community of like-minded people to hold you accountable and get access to Book Club Challenges and Exclusive workshops and Q&A.

    (Value €47)

  • Access to ALL Workshops and Masterclasses
    You will have access to a library of past Workshops and Masterclasses that have helped generate new business for past clients, but you will also get invited to all monthly Workshops for the entire year.

    (Value: €149 per Workshop)
  • Total value of BONUS access: Over €4.200!

Has anyone ever made you feel like this?

Total value: Over €9.200

If this were your investment price, it would be worth every penny.
But, I'm not offering this at that price.

Start TODAY! Here's how:

1. Sign Up Below

Scroll down to register for the TEM Method Laser Coaching to get INSTANT ACCESS to your first courses and an email with a calendar link for you to book your Onboarding Call and you 12 MONTHS of coaching sessions.

2. Book Your Onboarding Call

Check your email. (and your SPAM folder)
This is where we will assess your goals and create a plan for you to progress quickly in your English toward your goals.

This call will be around 30 minutes long and by the end of the call, you will have clarity on your path to fluency and get your first homework assignment.

If either one of us feels like this isn't a good fit on this call, we will not move forward and you will get a full refund. 

3. Get Your First Homework Assignment

Your personalized homework assignment is essential for you to move forward and get progress.

This first homework assignment may be your most important assignment because it will determine the effort you give for the rest of the year.  

After you finish your first homework assignment, jump on the calendar and book your next coaching session.

4. Book Your Next Coaching Session

After you finish your homework, book your next coaching session. Repeat this process for the entire year.

It will be helpful if you come to the coaching sessions with a specific outcome in mind. (For example: I want to break my fear of sharing my ideas in business meetings.)

Start your 12-Month 1:1 English Coaching TODAY!!
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One simple price. Year-long customized lessons.

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English Success Coaching

Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives will FINALLY Master English in Record Speed

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        • Join A Powerful Community for
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        • Homework Challenges and Lesson
        • A customized English success
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        If our methods works for them, why not you?