Be a hero and raise heroes 

Parenting Workshop Using Story

Remove the stress and have more fun in parenting

What do Jesus, Rocky, and Moana all have in common with you?


Ordinary beginnings

They were all three born into an ordinary life in an ordinary world, and they all wanted something.

They lived their lives and something happened; one day they received a call or opportunity to go on a journey.  

They were also given an opportunity to say no to the calling.  

They met someone that helped them decide to go on the journey... and to guide them along the way.

Experience a journey of trials

They all went through struggle, doubt, guilt, and triumph in different types of situations on their journey.

They all doubted themselves and wanted to give up... and they all chose not to.  

They all fell and reached a rock bottom moment... and had come out of it. (Their 'come to Jesus meeting'.)

Experience a journey of trials

They were all transformed into a new version of themselves as a result.

Where are you in your story?

Feel stuck?
Have you felt lost as a parent and not known what to do?
Do your kids have potential, but they don't see it?

Learning just a few story fundamentals could help you make your parenting journey feel EFFORTLESS.
(less stress and more fun)

On September 28 and 29: A Parent Hero Workshop

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Over these two days, you'll create a new family story be a hero and raise heroes.

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Course Curriculum

Jesse Sweed

Jesse Sweed is the creator of The EAGLE Method. He is on a mission to raise conscious awareness in parenting to change the world wit future generations. He has developed a process using story to take the pressure off of parenting and equip parents with the tools to raise heroes.