Multilingual Parenting Labs

How to raise bilingual children to give them an unfair advantage in life

What does the Multilingual Family Labs believe?

We believe that learning a foreign language at a young age can give kids a head start in their lives and enhance their school experience.

We believe that parents who know a foreign language have a gift that they can pass on to their children to open up new doors of opportunity in the future.

We believe in the power of learning foreign languages to create opportunities, broaden perspectives, and make the world a more unified place for future generations.

We believe that the foundation of learning a language begins with genuine interest that starts from the parents.

We believe that a family that learns a skill together plants deep roots that lasts a lifetime.

We believe that a family that infuses a foreign language into their family culture will change the course of that family's future forever.

We believe in you!

Jesse Sweed

Jesse Sweed is the CEO and Founder of The EAGLE Method, an online language-learning simplifies English learning and shows non-native English speakers how to speak English with certainty on camera, with clients, and in real life.

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