Learn The 3 Core Elements to Raise Bilingual Kids

Give your kids an unfair advantage by knowing foreign languages.

In this new 16-minute video lesson, Jesse reveals three essential pillars that you can start implementing TODAY to begin your multilingual family journey WITHOUT pressure and stress.

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Bilingual Parenting

A proven way to gain your child's interest in a foreign language and start them off to become bilingual.

Jesse J. Sweed

About Jesse

Jesse Sweed has been a professional English language teacher and coach for over 16 years. He has taught students from all over the world including South Korea, Spain, Brazil, The United States, UK, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and South Africa just to name a few.

He is currently living in Spain and raising two bilingual kids.

As a parent, he has noticed the joys and effects of raising kids who speak more than one language. He has also realized how effortless it can be, and he has helped other parents create a connection with their kids that goes beyond learning a foreign language.

His mission is to empower parents so that they raise empowered kids.