Rewrite Your Family Story (5 Weeks)

End generational cycles and create a new story for your family

Enter Your Story

Become The Hero

Create Your Legacy

Course Summary

Do you ever feel trapped as a busy parent with a million things to do between all of the activities with your kids, juggling a job, paying bills, all while maintaining a semblance of a sane family life?

Over the course of 5 short sessions, you will learn some foundational principles in story to step into the hero role of your story and help your kids step into the hero role of their stories.

Go from:

  • Feeling guilty for not being more present
  • Overwhelmed by the pressures of family and work life
  • Exhausted and confused
  • Stressed that you're missing these years

  • Take control of your days and situations
  • Feel at peace with your work-family balance
  • Energized and clarity
  • A leader of confident kids who become leaders

Course Curriculum

Jesse Sweed

Jesse Sweed is the creator of The EAGLE Method. He is on a mission to raise conscious awareness in parenting to change the world wit future generations. He has developed a process using story to take the pressure off of parenting and equip parents with the tools to raise heroes.


This is really good! I needed this to remind me that I control my day and situations around it; not the other way around.

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    Rewrite Your Family Story (5 Sessions)
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    Be the one in your family to break generational cycles and write a new story for your family to create a legacy.

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